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Container Lines must seriously raise their game in the area of customer service

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After last weeks CI Conference the following article appeared in IFW, it does raise some serious questions for the container shipping industry. Here is your right to put your side, I am looking forward to a lively debate!!!

Carriers must seriously raise their game in the area of customer service, Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ head of global transport, Niall Robinson, told last week’s Global Liner Shipping Conference.Robinson accepted that even with the aid of modern technology, shipping was a business prone to error. It was inevitable given the high levels of human interaction required to get cargo from A to B.But as a believer in the principle of “he who causes the mistake should pay”, he said shippers all too often ended up footing the bill for carriers’ lapses.“It is delays in shipments, in the delivery of the goods to the final destination that have the most far-reaching consequences, resulting from mistakes made by another.“A few hundred dollars here or there for demurrage or other extra charges may be irritating, and it can amount to quite a bit of money, but a missed delivery can be just as critical, ” Robinson said.The key was for carriers to look at themselves as service providers, not just transport companies.He said: “It is my view that carriers’ biggest mistakes are not in the physical handling of the shipment or the handling of the documentation – it’s in their rather lax attitude towards customer service.“As the shipper’s supply chain management becomes more sophisticated, the need for higher-quality service increases.And the carrier has to keep pace with the customer’s requirements in this area.” It was not that Robinson did not get upset by costs incurred when carriers changed bookings, rescheduled pick-ups, altered sailing schedules at the last minute, left cargo waiting on the quayside, or steamed straight past the destination, he stressed.It was not even errors made by carriers on bills of lading or other documents, or when he was overinvoiced. But what got under his skin was the general attitude that carriers had towards shippers.“Attitude problems on the carriers’ side result in delays and extra costs to the shipper, ” he said.Robinson appealed to carriers not just to compete on price but on quality, and make a commitment to shippers to achieve specific service levels.“Be different, ” he urged. “If carrier service could be expressed in colours, I fear today we would be looking at a few shades of grey. So carriers – please make an effort to bring a bit of colour into shippers’ lives.”

Trans Ocean Distribution joins JF HILLEBRAND Group to create the world’s leading company in liquids logistics.

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London-JF Hillebrand Group, the world’s leading provider of logistic services to the beverage industry, has acquired 100% of the shares of Trans Ocean Distribution Limited, the leading and most innovative provider of transportation solutions to the bulk liquid shipping industry. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, JF Hillebrand employs 1000 people in 36 offices located in 22 countries throughout the world. The company reported a €500 million turnover in 2006. 

Trans Ocean Distribution, headquartered in Southampton, UK, employs 250 people in 6 offices globally, and reported a €76 million turnover in 2006. The combination of Trans Ocean Distribution’s unique and proven expertise in designing and manufacturing flexitanks for non-hazardous bulk liquids, alongside JF Hillebrand’s leading position in global beverage logistics, will offer to the beverage industry a strong market leader that can tailor a full and unique range of service solutions to a wide spectrum of logistics requirements.  

JF Hillebrand Group’s global presence and expertise in freight forwarding, development of tracking tools and ocean freight management will supplement and support Trans Ocean Distribution’s development of their strong market position in industrial, food and latex products transportation. Considering the growth opportunities in both the market for beverage logistics, and in the development of flexitank solutions for other markets, the JF Hillebrand and Trans Ocean Distribution management teams believe the combined organizational skills of both companies will be complimentary in locations where both companies presently operate. 

Both management teams are enthusiastic about future development opportunities, and will together prepare a new organisational framework that will maintain the two existing brand names and optimise the high level of expertise existing within the two organisations. Brendan McKenna, President of Trans Ocean Distribution, will join the Executive Board of JF Hillebrand Group. The Board of Trans Ocean Distribution was advised by Houlihan Lokey in connection with the transaction.

Environmental and economic concerns force businesses to address supply chain inefficiencies

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Fuel prices, interest rates, carbon footprints and long, complex supply chains are all playing a part in a new trend that is seeing more companies than ever turn their attention to supply chain inefficiencies. This trend is highlighted by supply chain experts Barloworld Optimus, who today announced impressive sales for the last quarter of 2006 as businesses realise the major benefits that can be achieved through effective supply chain planning and management. 

Barloworld Optimus has blown apart its new business sales targets, recording the highest number of new deals closed in a single quarter during its 20 year history. The period (Sep06-Dec06) saw a 70% rise in closed deals in comparison to the same period last year. Significantly, there was also a notable increase in the number of small and medium sized firms looking to improve the efficiencies of their supply chains. More


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The Centre of Excellence (COE) project at BMW SA’s parts distribution centre (PDC) is the first project of its kind in SA and was launched to ensure more accurate forecasting of demand from the various dealerships. Inventory holding at the PDC is thereby reduced and the service to the end customer is improved. More


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Traditionally, organisations operating in China have built their supply chains based on a need to ensure market penetration and product availability. However following huge investments in infrastructure, the time is now right for companies to review their current supply chain configurations and achieve significant cost savings through effective optimization.

This was the message from supply chain planning expert Fraser Ironside to delegates of the 4th Annual Supply Chain Modelling Forum, held near Coventry, UK. The forum brought together over 80 supply chain professionals from a variety of industries to discuss the trends and developments currently taking place in the areas of supply chain modelling, warehousing and inventory management.

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